Misfits’ Rant

Note from the Confederation Of Misfits

For a long time, we have felt like a commodity probably must. As though we are constantly treading a fine line between maintaining sanity and keeping everybody around us happy enough to ensure the sustenance of balance in our lives. We have felt that we are locked away in this pocket of space and time where rules are abundant and you are known only by the ones you break. We have noted that the minute we use the phrase, “I feel…”, people recoil in disapproval at the utter audacity of our feeling. We are constantly tormented by the urge to forge our own paths, which is not half as special as it is punishing. We have since learned to accept that we are currencies and that pieces of us can be extorted for respect, social acceptance and a little bit of companionship with other people. We have known and seen that, to escape loneliness, we have to straddle the line between compromise and loss of oneself. And all this has made us even lonelier. People talk about how putting oneself first is crucial. But nobody talks about what to do when you find that who you really are is impractical and especially difficult in a world that has its norms and behaviour all laid out for us. There is an actual margin of loss to consider in being oneself. The kind of loss that reads as error, ill-mutation to the ‘correct’ masses. Yes, we will each eventually find our respective tribe. But they are not here now. Til then, we carry on trading bits of human essence in good will, hoping we’ll get some back and save each other from perpetually walking alone and misunderstood. But then again, no one adequately understands anyone.

– Misfits united in solitude

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

12 thoughts on “Misfits’ Rant

  1. What you are facing is the outcome of living in a world built on free markets and consumerism in which everything and everyone becomes a commodity for sale. Those among us with the eyes to perceive the truth of our existence are deemed the misfits, the marginalized.

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    • Yes, it’s actually quite fun once embraced. Getting to the point of accepting it is the challenge but after that, the fun part is discovering all the things our misfit selves can do 💖💖💖

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