The Tenant

A rude wind pulls on a door
Rushes into a compact, square room
Invades thin layers of bed-covering
Like a crime edging its way into a mundane life…

Tiny accidents:
Small occurrences of agitated peace narrowly avoided
A broom just about knocked a broken lamp over
A gigantic bag of trash stashed in a corner
nearly started a fire
when candle and match next to it
were summoned to bring forth light
A pungent jar of urine almost spilled its contents
over an adjacent suitcase half-way packed…

Ever teetering on the brink of absorption…

Bare feet
sticking as they move across a filth-coated floor
transport trembling hands around mess mistaken for heirlooms
Restoring a figment of order within discord
Door finally bolted shut…

They roll over in their beds
Eyes squeezing closed
No need to play sister’s keeper
The crazy tenant has her mess under control.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

3 thoughts on “The Tenant

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