Creation’s Conundrum

Hallowed womb,
Cavern of life:

There will come a time, when you’ll have had all the children you can have. And they stand shoulders to yours, fed, raised and grown. What will they say to you then? Was your toil in their name justified, wanted, resented? Or was it cherished, nourishing, awakening – baked in the only pure love that exists in a world of give and take, auctions and souls bartered for adoration, lovers destined to crush hearts and eat them at high noon? Does your parent-heart lie calm in this home built of bones when you ponder why you wanted offspring and what you did with them thereafter? Or is it simply a matter of perpetuating the species, not to be mistaken for sophisticated allegory – a philosophical conundrum overthinkers built in ode to their arrogant minds?

What did you do it for? I know you have an answer. But is it the truth?

Copyright ©️ 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

5 thoughts on “Creation’s Conundrum

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