No more.
No more bating breath
hoping the next hammer doesn’t fall too hard;
no more shrinking,
shifting to make room,
shrew-taming the outlier-view.
Shove the small deep into knees
ready to bow to the great.
(Somebody has to do it.)
Take this.
Hang it outside.


Medium. We don’t do that here.

Average has been renounced.
We prefer our dogs large,
our rabbits starved now;
our birds toast,
game half-live.
We pick a side, toss a coin, then run or chase;
Inbetweeners serve as bait.
be the beautiful buried alive with the queen.

Before you breathe
in preparation for your first cry
-while you’re on the threshold
between heaven and earth –
decide whether you’re special enough
to survive 21st century hunting.


All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

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