The Colour Series (Part 3): Yellow

Of course,
the inner child must be mentioned.
She’s mesmerised by little things
like angels and monsters.
He’s happy
until something unnerves him,
then he’s happy again.

Default: happy.

They transform mundane objects
into perfect worlds,
into the toys of pretty princesses,
into the tools of almighty superheroes.

They are still there in the irritable adult
who also fawns over rom coms,
big trucks or the English Premier League,
the cat’s new wardrobe,
a cold beer,
ice cream,
video games and anime,
stunningly crazy friends,
ridiculous hobbies,

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2021 Tebogo Ndlovu

12 thoughts on “The Colour Series (Part 3): Yellow

    • Sadly 😔. But sometimes I think we impose that loss on ourselves. We always tell ourselves because we are whatever age, we can no longer do this or that. And this or that is usually an expression of careless wonder.

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  1. Hi & thanks for the ‘likes’. Only had time this morning to think through this one brief offering of yours. But I like it’s sentiment and perception, and will make time soon to explore your work. It is absolutely true that we come into the world equipped with a marvellous capacity to extend what the senses show us and use fantasy to imagine further realities, and I think this capacity is only quashed by our giving in to orthodoxy and consensus as adults, not because it is actually no longer available to us. 🙂

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    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂. Welcome! I enjoyed my tour of your blog.

      Yes, it really is still available to us. That’s one thing I’m grateful for. Sadly, only some of us believe that.


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