The Colour Series (Part 4): White

By now, you’ve noticed:
This is about all the colours of the rainbow.
gift after the rain has come,
halo of waterfalls,
split personalities of the colour white.

White: a mere constituent of physics,
until the thinking man came along.

And it shall be recognised
that even during 21st century witch hunts
the value of white resides at par with other hues
who made it through the horrors of history,
ruthlessness the order of the day.

Whoever has no sin,
Fling your pebble, throw your rock,
Roll your boulder
towards the population settled
at the bottom of the hill.
Or perhaps we prefer to continue
examining the magnitude of each one’s sin.
To what end?

The kids watch confused as we usher in their future
Driven by fervour for true equality
yet scuttled by the past’s penance,
entertaining rushes of revenge
-victims now poised as the prosecution

finally armed with the blessing of public opinion.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2021 Tebogo Ndlovu

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