Road Trip

I’m on a trip with We Have Been Given Life, Cause of Joy and God is With Us. So far it’s been all jokes and safe travels, with the wind chanting the meanings of our names to remind fate to be good to us.

Cheers to our elders who did right by us.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2021 Tebogo Ndlovu

PS: Okay, this is not poetry. This is just a little ode to how, where I come from, you’re supposed to give a child a name that has substance and good meaning so that good things follow the child throughout their life. I’m on a trip with 3 people who, like me, were given positive names. And was feeling grateful for that particular tendency in my culture because I believe names are an integral part of life. Unfortunately, some people in the same culture give children a name that reflects suffering that the family or parent was going through at the time of birth. But still, meaningful names are generally deemed important.

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