Victory Over Peace

If we had accepted
that peace brings better days,
hours populated by tranquility,
regrets finally balanced on The Ledger,
souls devoid of the desire to endlessly run…

If we had known
that we have nothing to look forward to
after raising hell, conquering, punishing
our prayers may have been
slightly different,
our minds focused on equilibrium
much more than on victory.

But we chose photogenic danger over
The Good Longevity,
thought we wore pomp better.
Now we attend the elaborate funerals of
once intimidating heroes and heroines,
while the peacekeepers
-those who held us together
during the hell-raising-
die in obscurity.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2021 Tebogo Ndlovu

PS: This poem is dedicated to 2 types of people: those who manipulate and create pain, drama, unfairness and conflict in our lives, yet are praised for it; and those who make life sweeter because they continue to be genuinely kind, give us the benefit of the doubt and keep the peace while not getting any credit or glory for the light they bring into our lives.

2 thoughts on “Victory Over Peace

  1. What does truth matter if you live in a bubble and walk in circles? Just an endless stream of souls floating over a perilous waterfall. But what if your boat was also a glider? Instead of limping through life coated in a desolate shadow you could fly higher. Now, not only seeing one piece of the puzzle at a time, but all the pieces, and how each one should fit together.

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