A pair of bodies splayed on a soft settee.
Three glasses of red wine each,
Four smooth songs later
Heads bob up and down,
chins swaying to a drunken rhythm
until all goes black, to royal blue.

A dream unfolds that mundane night
Here comes a silhouette clad in clinking, fancy bracelets,
presents two goblets of mire:
comfort in one, freedom in the other.

Something’s different now,
the recipients no longer a set of tired beings
who’d bobbed helplessly into a dream.

Now the whole world clutches a decision in each hand:
comfort or freedom.
The silhouette asks once,
as just once will do.
Which do you choose, is his tune.
The citizens glance from one to the next.
Comfort or freedom.
Then, in unison, drink.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright Β© 2022 Tebogo Ndlovu

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