Gratitude Journal: Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back. It’s so good to be talking to you again. I hope you are well and thriving despite the craziness in this world.

It’s been a bit of a while. I’ve been toying with some topics, writing, then not posting. I had grown weary of the point of view from which I was writing. So I stepped back to work on shifting to a new one, without initially knowing that’s what I was doing or how long it would take.

I’m enjoying the season of life I find myself in. Fresh, with the sting of nostalgia for habits of old (both good habits and bad). It amazes me how easy it is to continue doing something, entertaining someone, going back somewhere, reveling in the self-destruction

of being in that particular environment together with the thought patterns it reinforces -not primarily because we want to but simply because we’re used to it. And because we’re used to it, we want to.

…not an earth shattering thought but it reminds me why at times it is difficult for me to do what’s good for me while logic is trying to remind me of the pending reward of doing that good thing. The prospect of that reward should be a good enough incentive, shouldn’t it? But habit trumps incentive. I’ve found that, only by building habits that help me work toward that incentive, can I hope to reach the reward.

From that perspective, some articles and poetry that I’ve been writing have been hitting on change, transitions, transformation and such. But first, I just wanted to come here and say thank you for all the times you have visited here, all the times you left your thoughts, for coming back for more. I enjoy having you here. Writing is my favourite hobby, a corner of my life in which I find great pleasure, even when I’m not posting. And I feel tremendously privileged when someone discovers value in what I write.

This year has been precarious in the sense that I started off knowing that I need to end certain phases in my life and begin anew in others, consequently see-sawing between the two. Writing and this blog are two of the few constants that will remain. I find a certain peace in that.

So thank you for enriching my blogging experience and my life. When I started this blog, I was honestly happy to feel that I was shouting into a void. But, unexpectedly, I’ve had some company here and that’s been a beautiful surprise. Your presence is appreciated.

Thank you for that absolute gift.

So what did you think?

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