The Blossoming Girl Asks…

“If I do but just one worthwhile thing
then may I be named Great Woman?

“Must She the Magnificent truly do it all?
the conquering,
the sweet submission;
the mistressing,
the legal seduction;
the virtuous obeying,
the beautiful rebellion;
the humility that balances all things human,
the goddessing;
the never-ageing,
the resilient grandmothering…

“If I may play but just one role
could I be called Great
one day?
And should I sit each extreme out
-for I’m sure some do,
was I there at all?”

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2022 Tebogo Ndlovu


4 thoughts on “The Blossoming Girl Asks…

  1. The social world is indeed often unkind to womanhood, demanding greatness and demeaning the source of that greatness. The last century has been a time of great change for women in the world, and I hope equality and respect continue to increase for the intrinsic strength and virtue of womanhood, not for how well she performs the often stereotypes. I believe all persons who work for goodness in the world are great.

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