The Colour Series (The End): Blue

I remember youfrom back when my heart still lived,when caring had nothing to dowith reward,when driving was smooth, calm, blue-your presence a peaceoverwhelming the bonds of blood and time. Let’s go back there,back to beautiful, calm driving. All Rights ReservedCopyright … Continue reading

The Colour Series (Part 5): Royal Lands

They have come to conquer.Those thirsty to discover ushave come to conquer royal lands,arriving on our territoryclothed as curious allies. They coax to leave their mark.They investigate every nook and cranny,every specialty, love and indifference.They insist that’s what good comrades … Continue reading

The Colour Series (Part 4): White

By now, you’ve noticed:This is about all the colours of the rainbow.Rainbow,gift after the rain has come,halo of waterfalls,split personalities of the colour white. White: a mere constituent of physics,until the thinking man came along. And it shall be recognisedthat … Continue reading

The Colour Series (Part 3): Yellow

Of course,the inner child must be mentioned.She’s mesmerised by little thingslike angels and monsters.He’s happyuntil something unnerves him,then he’s happy again. Default: happy. They transform mundane objectsinto perfect worlds,into the toys of pretty princesses,into the tools of almighty superheroes. They … Continue reading