No Man’s Land

It is a field of thorns,
the land of no man which lies between us:
grieving a trust too fragile to begin with.

Must we rush across it
hand in hand?
…hoping that act would be akin
to walking over a grave
covered over with hot coals?
…surprised that faith still counts
as we knock on that grave’s door,
request answers amid a generation
submerged in loneliness?

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2022 Tebogo Ndlovu

The Spirit and The Beloved

…more than to be happy:to be loved;across all divides,within all silence,in all invalid mistakes punctuatingthe principle of honour:to be loved to infinity;as seen by each blindspot that maylive within a wish:to belong;aside from all validation:to be loved. All Rights ReservedCopyright … Continue reading

The Trier

Without understanding,like newborns fighting sleep;pivots:falsehoods of stability;oblivious beings:carried by torrents of make-believe peacemaking;we morphed into dreaded half-artists……as acrobats balancing betweenreality and dream,those disappointed and those keen for more. became …ever-compromising triers,anonymous middlers in every race. All Rights ReservedCopyright © 2022 … Continue reading