Act 4, Scene 5

[Illusion salutes, exits]

Soul (aside): Imaginary rules… Assumptions pose as nude emperors, blessed by priesthoods of blind perception. Yet their laws bind the masses tightly in shame…


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I asked a boy,
dog yelping at his feet,
"Why do you beat that dog so sorely?"
Response: "Because he took my toy."
"Who told you to strike when he misses a beat?"
"My father, surely."
"And why did you listen to that ploy?"
The boy let out freet,
"Because I'm supposed to."

I turned to his mother
-gaunt and dying to slumber,
"You take care of the woman
Who gave birth to you healthy and human,
Then scarred you when you were but a girl
For she thought you too pretty, probably bad spell?"
A nod she offered, plus two.
I pressed same lady, "How did you forgive?"
Response: "Well, aren't I supposed to?"

I asked the slave
who stayed when rendered a stealthy way out:
"But why?"
Swift reason he gave
Void of all doubt,
Subterfuge, slight or sly,
"Because I'm supposed to."

I asked a soldier 
who laughed while he shot unfortunate prisoner of war
-skin taut against latter's osseous matter,
"Why? What for?"
And he began to banter,
"Don't ask me! They said I was supposed to."

I asked the mirror
why I did that thing, such senseless stupor.
She shot back with fervour,

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