Games of Consequence

You say you dare not dream
-lest the dream crawls up your spine,
into your throat,
strangling you in your sleep?
-lest you awaken to find it all came true,
then turned into your worst nightmare,
leaving you alone on a hill
as you look down at an angry throng
of once loving friends and family?
-lest victory is far too sweet
to linger on your tongue
and you wash it up and spit it out,
“IT’S ugly, alienating, foreign! Take me home!”

Yet the dream stares down at you
sprinkled across a promising sky,
ready to make you everything
you never dared dream you could be.
The dream looks down at the land:
the lions you dread are weak and emaciated,
the strong ones bearing weaknesses waiting to be exploited,
– you could conquer them if you tried;
the giants sleep under the spell of lethargy
– far too slow and cumbersome in their largeness
to conquer a good strategy;
the rain carries a scent of the win across your world.
You sniff it and smile in your sleep,
a whiff or two is today’s drug of choice,
a drug that lulls you deeper into slumber.
A taste, a tinge is good enough.
Declined the wager,
Cowards live longer.

Care for another round of truth or dare?

Copyright ©️ 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

Target Practice

She had since learned
From skirt-wearing champs drunk on scotch
And hairy fellas intoxicated by futures
that shall never arrive: 

When the eternal recess beckons 
And the curtain comes rolling down
They shall look for tears, gather, 
scatter and go on.

Just a reminder
To go right on ahead 
Go off the deep end
- whatever that means
(Deep for whom? 
After all, some sink there
while some swim...)

Try not to downright tempt
Trouble that lands you in a cage, 
With a past filled with doom.

But please do
Take a shot at living?

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu