Act 4, Scene 5

[Illusion salutes, exits]

Soul (aside): Imaginary rules… Assumptions pose as nude emperors, blessed by priesthoods of blind perception. Yet their laws bind the masses tightly in shame…


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Lazy in a landscape
splashed with colour
that reminds us of wild forests
Pressing summer-burnt skin
into the welcome cold of lush, green blades
Under the shade of wooden limbs
covered in crispy, emerald arm-hair
All of us coated in the sounds of nature
Vibrant, new,
Hopeful evergreen.

Copyright ©️ 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

The Governing of Liberty

I was there
When they hoisted the new flag
When the band ‘came marching in’
And us -declared liberated
I remember the feeling
In those moments
The electricity in the ambiance…

When we sang the new anthem
I coined a verse of my own:
Tonight I am leaving
Braving a new world
Authoring a fresh chapter
Tonight I dive
Into the antecedent action
Let’s see what follows
The tumultuous hassle
The drudgery of living
Up to the expectations
Of anyone but myself.

When the people cheered for Freedom
I applauded for Community:
Tonight I am grateful
For the strangers
With whom I have mingled
I am thankful
For the compadres
With whom I have prayed
I am indebted to those
In whose mercy I took refuge
In times when a neighbor’s grace
Preserves one’s spirit.

While the soldiers saluted
They fought tears of disbelief
And I admired the prospect
Of endless possibility:
Tonight is the beginning
Of a personal revolution
Tonight subordinacy’s chickens
Return home to roost
Tonight I introduce myself
To Myself.

While the citizens hugged
And kissed
And laughed in unity
I read a scribbled note
From just last year
A memento of my dreams:
I long to speak openly
To know who I am
Aside from obligation
Aside from who I will displease
Should I break rule number twenty seven
Or code number one hundred and three
I long to revel in the power
And the risk of independence
I long to greet who I will become
When I am free to choose.

-Excerpt from Humans

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