The Spirit and The Beloved

…more than to be happy:to be loved;across all divides,within all silence,in all invalid mistakes punctuatingthe principle of honour:to be loved to infinity;as seen by each blindspot that maylive within a wish:to belong;aside from all validation:to be loved. All Rights ReservedCopyright … Continue reading

The Trier

Without understanding,like newborns fighting sleep;pivots:falsehoods of stability;oblivious beings:carried by torrents of make-believe peacemaking;we morphed into dreaded half-artists……as acrobats balancing betweenreality and dream,those disappointed and those keen for more. became …ever-compromising triers,anonymous middlers in every race. All Rights ReservedCopyright © 2022 … Continue reading


There could be a sequel…an elaborate improvement on the now.But we’re hiding within that feelingof twisting limbs ’round each otherwhile sipping soothing beverages,of running fingers through braided hair,pretending tomorrow will never come. There could be candid conversationsstarring in A Tense … Continue reading