Martyrs Inc.

It's not that we have no power
It's that we give it away
Every time we 'forgive' and bow down
Because 'that's what good people do'
Every decade we nervously laughed it off
Because they're family
- you know what they say
about blood and water... 

Every year I stayed because 
What would I do without him?
What would he do without me?
Every day I sit in the presence 
Of those who secretly love it
When they feel me tell myself 
I can't do better.

Every hour we've waited too long
When they'd promised they'd be on time, 
this time... 
Every minute we're silently miserable 
Because we think we need this job
Every second they walk all over us
And we take it in the name of peace; 
When we do it
Because no one else will. 

It's not that we have no power 
We gave it away 
Built ourselves a world in which 
I'm the peasant and everyone else is king
Everyone else is king
And you're the peasant 
Ever-giving, ever-swindled
Dying gracefully 
Singing hymns on a makeshift cross.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu 

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