The Good Samaritan’s Fate

I was up at twilight,
counting the legacies of fading stars,
trying to preach to burglars
jimmying locks unshut.
But it was no use.
The burglars escaped
both the sermon and hypnosis-by-fading-star.
While I counted until the last star I could see
came up
and blinded me.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2021 Tebogo Ndlovu

Universal Truths

Morning. Nothing that rung true in the dark, delicious in shadow and beautiful in silhouette holds. All the fundamental truth in the world is written along the contours of your sleeping face. My evil twin mocks me in the mirror. She’s proud of what she made me do. The lies we made to cover up our ugly have no allies now. Our angels no longer want to understand: he says you’re ungrateful; she says I’m heartless. And our demons have deserted us, taking the gall we relied on with them.

We are simply wrong.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu